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At Glasstech Galway we supply and install a wide range of glass products, processed glass, safety glass, Low-E Heat retaining Double and Triple glazing.

It may surprise you to learn that up to 25% of the heat in your home can be lost through your windows.  Without energy-efficient glazing, you are effectively throwing your money out of the window.

Did you know that by installing low-e Double glazing glass, you can significantly improve your window energy ratings and reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows by up to 75%!  Considering these figures and the cost of fuel today, it is easy to see why more and more people are opting for A-rated by incorporating low-e glass into their existing window frames.

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   Above is a Thermal image of a home before and after being re glazed with Low-E Heat retaining Double Glazing.

The rate at which glass transmits heat out of the building is measured by the U value.  The units for the U value are W/m2K (Watts per square metre per Kelvin temperature difference).  The larger the figure, the greater the heat loss.  If you have a house that has 20mof glass and its U value is 5.8 (single glazing) and it is 10 degrees colder outside than inside then you will be losing 1160 Watts (=5.8 X 20 X 10).  This is a rate of loss greater than one bar on an electric fire.  By replacing the glass with a low-e product the U value might become 1.5 so you are now only losing 300 Watts (almost a quarter of the heat loss).  Improved window seals and draft proofing will also improve the overall insulation properties of the window saving even more energy.

Clear Glass & Argon & Low E Glass

4mm clear / 12mm argon gas gap / 4mm low e

This unit maximises the potential insulative properties of an argon filled unit. It’s ideal for room heat retention in winter.


  • November 21, 2018 jamie cuddihy says:

    What is your shading coefficient on the clear glass and argon and low e glass?
    Jamie Cuddihy

    • November 22, 2018 glasstec says:

      Argon is a gas I don’t think it has a shading coefficient Jammie. Low – E is clear glass. You can get opti white glass which is completely clear with no iron oxide in it or any other chemicals so it has no tint.
      Thank you.

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